2014 Deepening Knowledge: Effective Treatment and Management

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Available Now: Full Report on AANHPI Diabetes Coalition's 2014 Meeting

The 2014 conference put in high relief the diabetes disparities that exist among Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI). From the "Asian BMI" issue and associated masking of the real risk Asian Americans have of developing diabetes, to the highest diabetes rates in the world occurring within Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations both within and outside the mainland United States, researchers and policy makers came together to move the mission of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition forward: increasing awareness and advancing the study and treatment of diabetes among AANHPI populations.

The report includes a synopsis of each presentation and plenary, with slides and references, and is available for download and online viewing.
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Oversampling Panel

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Deepening Knowledge by Oversampling Asian Americans, Wilfred Y. Fujimoto, MD University of Washington

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Survey Data from the CDC and Prevention: Oversampling of Asians, Judith A. McDivitt, PhD CDC

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Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence: University of California San Diego Filipino Health Study, Maria Rosario (Happy) G. Araneta, PhD UCSD School of Medicine

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Translating Data, USAPI Panel

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Translating Data into Community and Patient Benefit Jonca Bull, MD Office of Minority Health, Food and Drug Administration

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