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This compendium shares exciting new research, collaborative perspectives from policymakers, industry, academia, and community health, and ends with recommendations for the future work of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition. view/download


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Panel on Asian Americans

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Addressing Undiagnosed Cases of Diabetes in Asian Americans - Screening Tests for Diabetes in Asian Americans
Speaker: Maria Rosario (Happy) Araneta, Ph.D. University of CA San Diego
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Perspectives from CDC – Division of Diabetes Translation Speaker: Edward A. Gregg, Ph.D. – CDC
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Diabetes within South Asian and Filipino Populations Speaker: Alka Kanaya, M.D. – University of CA San Francisco

American Medical Association Presentation by Dr. Christopher Holliday

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Panel on Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

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2012 Pacific Islander Health Study (PIHS)
Speaker: Sela Panapasa, PhD – University of Michigan
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Speaker: Samuel Wu, PharmD – OMH/HHS
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Pre Diabetes Rates among Pacific Islanders in California Speaker: Raynald Samoa, M.D. – City of Hope Los Angeles
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Obesity Genome-Wide Association Study in Samoa Speaker: Ryan Minster, Ph.D. – University of Pittsburgh
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Obesity/Diabetes in Pregnancy - Obesity in Samoan Children
Speaker: Nicola Hawley, Ph.D. – Yale School of Public Health

Clinical Care Programs that Work: PILI Project with Dr. Joseph Keawe‘aimoku Kaholokula

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Panel on New Research

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Perspectives from NIDDK
Speaker: Judith Fradkin, M.D., Ph.D. Division of Diabetes and Endocrinology
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Perspectives from NIH – NIMHD
Speaker: Maria Rosario (Happy) Araneta, Ph.D. University of CA San Diego
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Digital Media in Access and Care Disparity
Speaker: William Hsu, M.D. – Joslin Diabetes Center AADI

Screen at 23 Panel with Dr. Edward Chow and Dr. Elisa Choi

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Collaboration in the Care of Diabetes with Dr. Ken Moritsugu

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