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Presentations from the 2018 Conference

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Setting the Stage: Welcome and Keynote

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Dr. George King, co-chair of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition and host of the 2018 conference, set the stage with a global look at diabetes in AANHPI, and welcomed the conference keynote speaker, Dr. Bill Chin, Professor of Translational Medical Science and Medicine at Harvard, Emeritus. Dr. Chin advised that the Coalition needed to continue to "make the tent bigger", promote research and participation in clinical trials as well as personalized medicine, and to focus on the issues of advocacy, not the brand. [Dr. King's slides]

History of the Coalition

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Health Policy Expert Ignatius Bau hosted a discussion with two of the AANPHI Diabetes Coalition's cofounders, Drs. Ho Tran and Wilfred Fujimoto, about the founding of the Coalition in 2011 and its major achievements in impacting diabetes among Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders through research-policy-advocacy. [slides]

Recap: the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition Action Plan, 2017 and Beyond

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Dr. William Hsu of Joslin Diabetes Center and one of the lead researchers of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition, shared the Coalition's action plan on research and policy priorities among Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. This plan provided the framework for the issues and new questions discussed at the conference. [slides]

Screen at 23: Current Status

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AANHPI Diabetes Coalition co-chair Dr. Ed Chow and Coalition coordinator David Hawks brought attendees up to speed on "Screen at 23", its success in garnering state and national attention, and where the campaign needs to go. [slides]

Expanding Screen at 23, Featuring Two Panels of Experts on Diabetes and Healthcare

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Moderated by Dr. Tran and Dr. Elisa Choi of the American College of Physicians, the two panels featured speakers from health advocacy, physician practice, academia, industry, and public sector. All were asked: "What can we do to improve Screen at 23, and eliminate AANHPI diabetes disparities?
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Coalition member Dr. Stuart Fong presented what most consider to be THE model for an Asian American focused public health awareness campaign:
The San Francisco Hep B Model, an ongoing effort that has made Hepatitis B a priority of the Department of Health and Human Services. [slides]
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Dr. Sanjeev Mehta, Joslin's Chief Medical Information Officer, presented
Provider & Researcher Perspectives, explaining that as researchers must continue to "explore" diabetes to equip us with the best information, clinicians must be ready to "exploit" what information is already present in order to make sure patients are screened. He addressed many of the barriers that prevent more screenings among Asian Americans. [slides]

Key Partners in Advocacy: The American Diabetes Association and the Office of Minority Health, HHS

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AANHPI Research

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Dr. Yiling Cheng of the Centers for Disease Control shared the latest data analysis from the Asian oversample as part of NHANES.
Study findings showed that awareness of the risk factors of diabetes was very low.
Dr. Cheng confirmed that for accurate screening purposes the OGTT is the best test for Asian Americans.
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Dr. Happy Araneta of UCSD, one of the Coalition's lead researchers and voices, presented on the NIH research opportunities available, and she maintained that to understand issues like visceral adipose tissue in Asian Americans, Asian Americans must be in research cohorts, not simply Asians.

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Harvard's Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology, Dr. Frank Hu, gave a special presentation on nutrition, diabetes, and Asian Americans. Genetics alone do not explain the diabetes disparity, he explained, and his presentation covered various diets associated impacting diabetes risk and metabolic profile.

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Massachusetts State Representative Tackey Chan joined the proceedings to talk about his championing of the Commonwealth's "Screen at 23" Joint Resolution, and advocating for the underserved as a legislator.