3X3 Diabetes Action Steps

Provisional Clinical Management Guidelines for Various Asian Americans
  • Asian Pacific American Diabetes Action Council (APADAC) and National Adult Strategies Committee will work with the guideline committee within ADA regarding the Asian BMI guideline.
  • Create a letter as Diabetes Coalition, supported/signed by the members to support APADAC and National Adult Strategies Committee¡¦s efforts.
  • Additional follow-up with ADA, CDC, NIH regarding CMS reimbursement for obesity prevention education (and obesity surgery) needing to include lower BMI cutoff for Asian Americans.
Gathering Definitive Data for AANHPI to Guide Future Management
  • Work with CDC to do meta-analysis using existing data regarding AANHPIs.
  • Work with NIDDK to increase the number of RFAs targeting AANHPIs.
  • Organizations such as Kaiser Permanente and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care to institute Asian guidelines and collect data to see the impact and benefits of using these data.
Develop and Implement Community Tailored Interventions
  • Create brochures/materials based on the two papers published in Diabetes Care.
  • Disseminate to providers (physicians and educators) through working with our existing network such as ADA and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).
  • Develop a long-term plan (target providers first, then general public, etc.).