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RISE stands for four steps (Reduce, Increase, Sleep, and Exercise) an individual can take to prevent or effectively manage and reverse the complications associated with type 2 diabetes.

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NCAPIP used existing resources from the AADI Joslin Diabetes Center educational materials and created follow up messages for Asian Americans to help physicians answer their patients’ question: “What to do next after the screening, Doctor?” This module of information is called “RISE”, standing for “Reduce, Increase, Sleep, Exercise”. These messages were crafted based on the eight strategies for avoiding, controlling or reversing diabetes developed by Dr. George King, Chief Scientific Officer Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard Medical School and a member of the AANHPI Diabetes Coalition. (The Diabetes Reset: Avoid it. Control it. Even Reverse it. A Doctor’s Scientific Program. Author: Geoge L. King, M.D. with Royce Flippin)

NCAPIP refined the eight strategies into seven steps as the word “step” brings a proactive positive action such as stepping forward, stepping to regain health. Seven instead of eight as to shorten the message in order to motivate the use and promotion of physicians and their staff to their patients: RISE, which speaks to one successfully rising to the challenge of taking control of, and/or reversing, their type 2 diabetes. The seven steps are dispersed into the four main actions of reducing unhealthy foods, increasing healthy ones, the importance of sleep, and the importance of exercise.