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Our Mission

The overarching mission of NCAPIP is to improve the health of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) patients and communities, and by addressing the health inequities present in that population, contributing to more optimal health for all patients.

Central to that mission, NCAPIP has the following objectives:
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Access and Quality

Advocate for adequate and equitable public and private funding for initiatives and programs to improve access to, and quality of, linguistically and culturally competent health care services
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Workforce and Leadership

Foster professional development for health professionals to enhance diverse representation at leadership and governmental levels within health care policy and service delivery systems
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Focused Research and Data

Advocate for adequate and equitable public and private resources, focused research and data collection and dissemination
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More About NCAPIP

NCAPIP is a national organization of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) physicians that advocate for the health and well being of our patients and communities. NCAPIP board members are comprised of leaders in national, state, and local physician organizations and medical groups. They are primary and specialty care physicians practicing across a wide variety of settings from small and solo practices, multi-speciality medical groups, community health centers, private and public hospitals, integrated health delivery systems, academic health centers, and state and local health departments. This breadth of experience across type of practice and geographic areas, coupled with expertise from a population standpoint, makes NCAPIP an organization uniquely capable to advocate for the health of AANHPIs.
Mission Driven Advocacy
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