Quality Health Care

Quality health care must be applied equitably, with due consideration of the diversity of the conditions and needs of the AA and NHPI population.

Health equity will not be achieved unless targeted resources are used to rectify persistent gaps in quality and care. Hence, NCAPIP believes that:

  1. The collection of data, critical to the measurement and pursuit of quality, must include metrics related to patient experience, clinical outcomes and epidemiology for the entirety of the AA and NHPI population. Data must be captured for all subgroups in order to identify and address variation in disease prevalence, care and outcomes.
  2. Investments for health information technology and adoption of an electronic health record must include provisions that take in account the clinical settings of AA and NHPI providers, many of whom work in small practice situations in underserved communities.
  3. Health information technology must address the needs, competencies, and access points of patients who do not use English as their primary language, have limited health literacy and access to internet.
  4. Quality and outcome measures that are adopted and promulgated to evaluate performance must account for racial/ethnic, social, cultural, and economic drivers which may affect health outcomes so that providers of underserved AA and NHPI communities are not unfairly penalized or represented.