Workforce and Leadership

Physicians of Asian descent comprise a significant segment of the medical profession, holding positions in academia, research, public health, and patient care. Students of Asian descent are one fifth of U.S. medical students and there are a significant proportion of nurses; allied health professionals of AA & NHPI descent. Nonetheless, these health professionals are not proportionately represented in medical and health care leadership and executive levels that can impact health care policies. Therefore, NCAPIP believes that:

  1. AA and NHPI physicians, as well as other minority physicians, must be actively identified, supported and developed to take on significant and visible leadership roles throughout the health care system.
  2. The diversity of the AA and NHPI communities should be reflected and supported in the composition of our allied health professional and nursing workforce.
  3. Policies must be adopted which promote the placement of culturally proficient providers in underserved AA and NHPI communities.

The NCAPIP believes that quality, access, cost containment, and leadership are critical to the future of health and wellness of AA and NHPI. As physicians we are dedicated to assuring our patients are provided the foremost in medical care and that they afforded the full spectrum of prevention and wellness promotion. We are committed to attaining equity and will work to remove barriers that result in disparities in health and health outcomes in our communities.