Research Leadership Training Program

(for undergraduate students)
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NCAPIP conducts a research leadership training program that aims to develop a cadre of young
leaders to understand the intersections of health and healthcare disparities, social determinants
of health (e.g. demographic, racial, cultural, educational, economic), health policies, and diversity in the health workforce affecting Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AA and NHPI) and other communities of color.

This training targets undergraduate students majoring in public health, biology, social
welfare, sociology, psychology, anthropology, Asian American studies, and/or interested in
pursuing a career in a health field (e.g. public health, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental, etc.).

NCAPIP provides this training in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program ( and Health Research for Action (

Student trainees also participate in NCAPIP events where they meet physician leaders from
around the nation, and experience how real-time research to policy advocacy takes place. With
this program NCAPIP aims to contribute to the pipeline of more culturally diverse and competent
healthcare and research workforce inclusive of under-represented API Americans.

The program is led by NCAPIP's Director of Research, Suhaila Khan, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Winston Tseng, Dr.Ph, UC Berkeley, is the faculty advisor.

Student Trainees

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Student trainees 2016 (L to R): Wafiqah Shah, Ken Li, Tram Le, Rachel Lew, Kerri Chen

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Student trainees 2014-15 (L to R): Dr. Suhaila Khan, Tina Kantaria, Jamal Yousuf, Maria Mindanao, Dr. Ho Tran, Leah Cha, Lauren Chi, Thomas Le

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Student trainees 2015 (L to R): Margarita Fineman, Samyukta Anne, Dao Chang, Amy Chang, Nevada Lacroix

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Student trainees 2013-14 (L to R): Fiona Truong, Krista Chan, Dr. Khan, Jennifer Tu, Leanza Tupfer

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Student trainees 2012-13 (L to R): Kristin Chan, Jennifer Tu, Fiona Truong

What Our Student Trainees Have Done

Student trainees develop and write a research proposal and research report during their 10-week training. After completion of the training the students are encouraged to further improve their writing skills by working on their projects i.e. abstract, poster, factsheet, report, honors thesis, journal article, etc.

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